The ARCMP Center

The Applied Research Center of Medicinal Plants.

ARCMP Center
Medicinal plants

The Applied Research Center of Medicinal Plants (ARCMP) - A center with special functions:

This center was established to achieve advancement in the availability and use of medicinal plants and natural products which has become a global trend in the recent years.

Some identified goals have been entrusted to the center:

  • Collect the researches done on some plants that have been internationally identified as pharmacologically and therapeutically active and safe for the purpose of further research on their use in food and medicines.
  • Develop Egyptian Scientific Monographs for medicinal plants recognized to be of medical use .The monograph will include all the photochemical data concerning the plants as well as method of extraction of its active constituents, the medical, toxicological, dosage forms, analytical and quality control data.
  • Isolate, extract and identify the active constituents of some selected plants through advanced technological methods to cover the needs of the local market and exportation.
  • Collaboration and harmonization with similar institutes, research centers, universities , manufacturers and international agencies.
  • Preparation of medicinal plants pharmaceutical products on experimental scale (pilot run) to be later adopted by the Egyptian pharmaceutical manufacturers for further action.
  • Development and propagation of medicinal plants plantation via using modern techniques.

    In this context, NODCAR owns 23 acres experimental farm at Kafr El-gabal, Giza. Besides the specialized laboratories , the center includes a tissue culture unit for micropropagation and selection of high, rare and virus free medicinal plants .Also a green house on 640 m2 was established for adaptation of the cultured plants.