The Pharmaco Information center

A specialized scientific information source designed to serve the needs of the Egyptian health care community.

The Pharmaco Center

The Pharmaco center is one of the centers entitled with special functions in NODCAR.

The Pharmaco Information Center extends its activities to NODCAR ‘s staff, The Ministry of Health, University, Medical Institutions ,The pharmaceutical Industry, physicians , pharmacists and other interested parties. Service are provided to the users through high technology facilities adopted by the center. Accession to renowned data bases which comprehend pharmaceutical , analytical ,medical , therapeutic, toxicological and drug information fields ids achieved through On Line , the internet and selected current references. The center also acquires advanced audio visual training programs that cover different fields in the analytical and research domains which basically include the most recent methodology and technology needed by NODCAR , R&D departments at the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies , institutions and universities. An advanced computer network which comprises a Local Area Network ( LAN) and an World Area Network (WAN) as well as a computerized management system for National Control Laboratories.

The management system was implemented according to the workflow in NODCAR and the prototype module “WHO management system of Q.C laboratories” which is provided by WHO was an important guide during implementation. The QCL was designed and distributed by the WHO as a model prototype system to some National Quality Control Authorities in different countries. The main objective of this model is to efficiency and management of information of quality control laboratories .The system enable its user to register, follow-up the path of the tested samples within the institution and recording of the tested results. Also, it comprises different retrieval means that assist management to trace any tested sample and get accurate information concerning its statue.