Quality Assurance Unit

Works to ensure the proper application of the internationally accepted QA elements.

Quality Assurance unit
Ensuring the Quality

Quality Assurance unit is one of the units assigned with specific tasks that supports the analytical units.

This unit works under an intensive program of quality measures to ensure the proper application of the internationally accepted quality assurance elements. A number of operational procedures were assigned to the Q.A and the functioning Q.C. units which enabled NODCAR to obtain the ISO9002/1994 certification in June 1999 then the certificate was updated to ISO9001/2000 in 2002 and the most updated certificate ISO 9001/2008. Among those criteria: the internal auditing, calibration of instruments, validation of operations, documentation and data control, statistical methods, prophylactic and corrective actions.
All procedures for ISO certification were under the instructions of a group of experts who ales together with a responsible group from NODCAR developed a Quality Assurance Manual that was assessed by a certified British Standard Institute (BSI) for the continuous application of the required standards. Now NODCAR is aiming to gain the International Recognition through International Accreditation WHO requalification.